Magacon cc Computer Repairs

Either your PC is not working properly or you just want to upgrade your existing computer. Magacon cc has the right pieces for you, just call the hot line 083 737 9721 for assistance.

Other Products

         We supply and support to the Market products 
           from the following vendors

AMD, Benq, Canon, Chribis, Epson, Esquire, Genius, HP, Intel, Kingmax, Lexmark, LG, Manhattan, Maxtor, Microsoft, Sahara, Samsung, Seagate, Sony, Symantec



  Computer Sales & Services

  New PC's & Laptops
PC's & Laptops
  New PC Components & Upgrade 

  New Printers, Faxes, Copiers &  
  Refurbished Printers, Faxes,  
   Copiers & Scanners 
  New Original Cartridges for  
   Printers, Faxes,  Copiers & 

  Computer Repairs
  Software Licenses & disc media

  Hosting & Domain Registrations

  Website Hosting
  Domain Registration

  Website Development Services

  Website Development

  Telecommunications Services

  Free 0860 Fax Solution 
  SMS From Computer 

  Networking & Cabling Services

  Local Area Networks  

  Consulting Services


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